Do looks matter to females, have you heard of Connor Murphy, are these staged or are these all real and could a fatter guy do this?


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  • to some extent but it depends on the girl tbh

    • Were the videos funny though

    • didn't watch them

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  • I watch his videos every week/fortnightly when they come out.
    Yes looks definitely matter lol and a girl telling you otherwise is lying to you or herself.. His videos are real and genuine, it's common reactions what he gets if you have a shredded body and flaunt it

    • Yea I'm just shocked at how you see women with boyfriends straight up eye f$cking this dude where it's totally obvious or taking pictures of this dude and totally blowing off their boyfriends, sh! t is crazy.

    • It almost seemed surreal so that's why I had some doubts but after doing research you are right this dude is 100% legit, I guess it's kind of like the car videos, you see women be rude to their boyfriends once a dude in a super car show up.

    • Woman like what they like just as men do, they aren't so different from men as they appear/try to be. Those car videos your talking about are likely to be fake, but real life situations of that definitely exist. Which I feel is quite sad, but what can you do? I guess that's life, be the best and get the best, everything else is just left behind.

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  • Some girls don't care about how look. Some girls look for the personality more.

  • It's only crazy because you have been led to believe a different narrative.

    I'm not even that shredded and one day I went to the office wearing a fitted T-shirt because it was a hot day. When I changed back into my Shirt, I had women asking me where my other T-shirt was, and others were pretty much asking me to put it back on.

    Some were staring at my chest while I talked to them just like some of us men do when we see breasts. One girl even lost the ability to talk and was just nodding. Some were giving compliments etc... so yes it does matter.


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