Texting her is like having a one-sided conversation. Help?

This girl I've been texting doesn't give me much to work with. I'll text her and basically I might as well be texting myself. She'll respond to questions but not add anything.


(after I took a while to text back)

Me - Sorry my mom made me clean my room so I was distracted from texting back.

Her - It's OK. I forgive u

Me - Gracias :D

Her - De nada :)

Me - How was the movie last night?

Her - It was ok but I didn't get to see the whole thing because my laptop kept freezing

Me - Oh jeez. Are you gonna try and finish it tonight?

Her - Yeah definitely.

I stopped texting because I didn't feel like trying to carry this convo on by myself


Her - OK well good night I guess

Me - Goodnight

Her - Wow thanks so much for texting me back earlier. That was a really fvcking stimulating conversation. Bye

Like what the hell... I'm not gonna try and keep a conversation going if she doesn't try either. How do I handle this?


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  • It's hard to guess what might be the issue after seeing that you've known her for over a year.

    Have your conversations with her always been like this? Is she shy at all?

    You could try asking more questions, finding that thing that'll get her talking (because we all have one), but that's assuming that she's shy. I know with me, it would always take a lot of coaxing to get me to open up.

    But if she's not really that shy, she could just be uninterested I suppose - although it doesn't seem like it, or else she would've just let the conversation die instead of getting mad at you for not replying. She wouldn't be texting you first either if she wasn't interested.

    You two probably just have different ways of communicating and you need to learn how to see eye-to-eye. Maybe she's not much of a texter. Have you ever called her? Or maybe she prefers to talk in person. I think those would be more likely.

    • First off, thanks for the response. I feel like we have different views on texting. If the conversation seems dead and I have nothing to add/don't know how to respond I'll just stop texting and maybe text back later. Meanwhile, she seems to want to text continuously and she thinks the only reason we should stop texting is because of getting a shower/sleeping/eating/etc. (This is just a hypothesis on my part)

    • That seems very likely; lots of girls like that continuous attention when they like a guy (I know I appreciate when my boyfriend texts me a lot even if he doesn't have a lot to say, it makes me feel like he cares). She might just get offended when you don't reply because it feels like you're bored of talking to her.

      I guess it comes down to whether you want to start texting the way she does, or just talk to her about it.

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  • It doesn't seem like you two have chemistry at all and she might not like you. Why don't you save your time and find someone who is able to keep a convo going for more than ten minutes.

    • I know just because she texts me first doesn't mean she likes me, but wouldn't that mean that she's at least interested? I think you hit it on the head with the lack of chemistry though...

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    • Woah that's a long enough time to get to know her; even as a friend. By now you should two know almost everything about each other. I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news but if she liked you she'd talk to you like a true friend or someone that likes her friend. I mean she could be shy that could also be the possibility. Ask her if something is wrong and ask her how come she never says anything to you to keep the conversation going...

    • Alright. Thanks!

  • I think she was ironic by her last sentence, and se doesn't seems to be interested as much as you are...

    • Well I gathered that she wasn't being serious by her last sentence, but it doesn't seem like she tries to keep the conversation going. Also she's been texting me first most mornings and the other days I text her first...so yeah I don't know.

    • I don't know either then, lol, Wish you luck anyways

    • Haha thanks.

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