She said that she's emotionally unavailable?

So this girl I like broke up with her boyfriend about a month or so ago. We've been taking and even went out a few times. All of a sudden she said to me that she wants to be honest with me because she doesn't want me to hate her. She then said that she isn't in the right mind set for a relationship. She is emotionally unavailable right now. She doesn't want me to think tht she's leading me on. Then she said that I'm a great guy and that she would date me in a heartbeat but it's not a good time for her. Now I know what it normally means and I should pack it in but Could she actually come around and in that case stick around and wait until she's ready or is there no possibility of that and that was just a nice way of saying she's not interested in me? Should I stick around and try to make her see that I won't her her? I should note that she initiated conversations with me when she was single again. What should I do?
She said that she's emotionally unavailable?
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