Why do woman always like men who are assholes?

Apologies for the language, but seriously why do women like men who are assholes or jackasses?

I'm a 34 year old man (turning 35 soon), never been married. Been single for almost a decade!!

First of all I'm an introvert, it takes a lot of effort for me to finally make up the courage to walk up to a girl to strike a conversation. Every single girl I've ever been interested in is either already married or has a boyfriend. And in most cases (like 4/5) the girls were dating men who had absolutely no clue what their true worth was, treated them bad, cheat on them, physical abuse in some cases and what not.

I've never ever hurt a girl or ever disrespected her. I've never been the kind of guy who talks about how his girl gives him a good head while drinking beer with his mates. I genuinely respect women. I don't even make them uncomfortable by trying to kiss them on a first date coz i worry if i might give them an impression that I'm some kind of perv or something.

I know, I'm no Ryan Gosling but I'm not a bad person either, like I know that the girl who'll finally walk into my life will forever be loved and I can't even think of breaking someone's heart. But it's been so long since I've had... Lets say... 'my girl' give me hug and say 'I love you' at the end of the day that I've started to believe that there's no way its ever gonna happen.

I have a great job, have plenty of time during the weekends which I use for plenty of travel, great parents a loving kid sister but I sometimes wish even I had the good fortune of these jackasses and assholes... At least I'd have someone i can call 'My significant Other'.
Why do woman always like men who are assholes?
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