Why are most girls so shallow?

Most, (Obviously some are not) only want to date men who have money or are goodlooking. Young women date the "bad boys" and they only turn to the nice guys after their hearts got broken 50 times with the "bad boy" types. Only then do they come to the nice guys. It just shows how most women are shallow. They don't care about personality, they want money and looks. They only use the nice guy. I think men should just stop dating women, maybe it'll show them to not treat us as such pushovers.

I know what a lot of you girls gonna say. "Well your just an ugly guy that's why no girls go near you" but your wrong. I'm not hot but I'm not bad looking either. I've had sex with a few different girlfriends and I dated one or two really good looking ones. It's the other guys I mainly see this happen to.
Why are most girls so shallow?
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