My boyfriend and I had a spat. Now I haven't heard from him for 3 days. Do I leave him be or call?

on Thursday my boyfriend and I had a small spat.

he texted me and kinda snapped at me for something I had done.

I responded back with " chock it up to another one of my screw ups. Sorry won't happen again. Talk to you later".

after that I felt bad, so about an hour later I texted back . Said sorry and asked if he was still mad... No another hour or so after that I texted back " I'll take that as a yes. OK. Here's what we will do. You take some time to cool off and we will both get some rest. Then you can text me tomorrow" ( in his first message he had said he would let me know about a meeting the following week "tomorrow".

OK. Friday ... Nothing.

Saturday... Nothing.

same Sunday.

now I know he is kind of bad about texting or being someplace when he says he will. But he has a lot

on his shoulders right now. And he is very shy and doesn't like to communicate some times.

in the past he seems to get a little irritated if I I try to get a hold of him

when he is upset. so I figured it best to leave him be for awhile.

even tough we a kinda growling at each other right now, his is a very good guy and we love each other a lot.

should I continue to wait and see what he does. Or should I try to contact him?

I think it was small. Stupid, but small. I left a note under the windshield wiper of his car that said " thinking of you often... Miss you lots... Love you always."

someone else opened it and read it and I know it really imbarested him.

it was stupid on my part. Seems like I've been messing up a lot lately. I text because he can't always take phone calls and for some reason he is more expressive via text then phone. If given the chose he always text so that's how I started to contact him
no secret affair. And stepping out on him will never help. I'm not that kind on person. he is a good guy who is under a lot of stress right now at work.having said that. His response still hurt and I reacted poorly.I'll give him a little longer .thanks
things are looking up. We met . Said our " I,m sorry"s and had a good long talk. I think we are going to be OK. Thanks everyone...


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  • It depends on what you did. If it was small and something he would have gotten over by now, then it is the "chock up to another screw up..." comment, and you should be able to CALL him by now.

    If it was something big and something he might now be over yet, then don't because the "chock it up..." comment really hurt him, in this case don't do anything, stop texting him, don't call him, wait for him because he needs some time alone with his thoughts.

    I say call, because too much can go wrong through text, plus you are probably looking to apologize if you messed up, so you need it to be sincere.

    Don't worry, if you two truly love each other everything will be fine, just don't make him feel like he is pressured into forgiving you or making a decision.

    • You did nothing wrong, that is very cute, and if he gets embarrassed from that than he is just over-reacting.

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  • See you made a mistake, you tried dealing with a sensitive issue through text. Don't ever do that, use the phone to make a call. Having a sensitive conversation through text is a newbie mistake. If you want, call him or even meet him. You have nothing to loose. If it doesn't go well, you can find someone else.

    • Ok that was mean. I was just trying to say that you should hold off on texting and just talk to him.

  • you need to just give him some space and time to cool. all it will do is push him further back. don't call, text leave messages on wiper blades... nothing. let him come to you. dot smother him into or force him to contact you before he is cooled off, just making him hotter.

  • You need to go out with his former friend turned enemy and make sure he sees you with him all gussied up...hell definitely be feeling like he was the one that screwed up. His enemy may even be a nice guy and you were the one going out with the prick.

    You need to explore new possibilities -hit the clubz and shake it hang out at the local country clubs those dudes gots money bags!

    James "T" Tarlitons!

  • im kind of a quiet guy myself, but I hated when my girlfriend tried to tell me serious things over texts when things were going bad

    I love my girlfriend, but we aren't perfect, few people are, anyways, had some issues in the past and it was always important for me that we talk them out face to face, you can't show your real feelings through a text...

    i would find em however you can and talk it out

    though this guy might be different, idunno... you know em better than me so do what you think is right

    best of luck


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  • Don't contact him.

    You've already tried a couple of times.

    Just give him space. He will eventually contact you.

    You can text him and let him know you are really sorry, and would like to talk whenever he's ready, and that you won't bug him until then.

    Some people just need space. He will come around.

  • I assume that your phone only permits tex ting and doesn't have a mike or speaker? Ever think of actually dialing a number and calling, talking in person. It is something that your elders found very useful and generally worked a lot better than emails, texts etc.

    • Wow. Friendly advise here. You are way too youg to sound that bitter. It diminishes any valid point you may have. Remember - being honist and dirrect is good, but bitter words leave a bad taiste in your mouth. Thank you for your comments anyway. I understand what you were trying to say even it was a little off track. You might want to note the question at the top. Especially the part that said " or should I CALL". Thanks anyway I think you meant well.

    • Thank you! I did mean well, but I get so damn irritated with the 40+ girls that work for me at the resturant always texting back and forth when they are suppose to be caring for customers. So bad that we implimated a rule that no cell phones by employee's are allowed in the kitchen or dining room. I personally if someone texts me, I immediately call them back. Another thing was girls coming in late saying "I texted you earlier and said I would be late" One does that I send them home

  • uh... if he is b*tching you out for leaving a sweet note on his car I would tell him to kiss my *ass* if I were you. That was a really sweet thing you did and most guys would not get mad about it. If anything he should be yelling at the person that opened it because it's none of their d*mn business reading a note on HIS car. Tell him to get a backbone and stand up for himself and stop misdirecting his anger at the one who loves him and he is supposed to care about!

    • ... the only reason I can see him getting mad is if this is some secret affair or something. And if that's the case, you should end it immediately. I hope that's not the case...

  • Boys boys boys, I say he needs his space. You have tried to contact him. And no reply so he obviously needs a bit of space. Don't take it personal (although I do) He needs to lick his wounds. If there is anything real there he will contact you but just don't wait too long. I say give him..a week or 2 TOPS> because anythihg beyond that is just rude. Maybe that's even too much. OH wellz. Good luck.

  • I think you should call him now. .ask him if he is still mad. .u should show that you care and sorry for what happend. .

    Best of luck!

  • wow, I'm not being horrible but that's pathetic if he got embarassed and p*ssed off by a cute little note...