Would you ever give someone who ghosted you a second chance?

I met this guy on tinder back in December. We went out a few times and then suddenly he ghosted me. I wasn't too shocked because he didn't seem to be really into me, so I wasn't expecting it to last long. Then out of no where he stopped talking to me. I wasn't super surprised, but still a little hurt.

Fast forward to April, and he starts texting me again. I was all "dude you randomly stopped talking to me wtf do you want?" Then he said "I was still hung up on my ex then and just going through a rough time. But I'm sorry for what happened and was wondering if you'd like to go out again?" I agreed, and went out with him again.

Well I felt awkward, but apparently he had a good time because he keeps wanting to see me. I keep going to see him, but tbh I don't feel comfortable about him anymore. I mean, maybe I'm not into him just because I'm not into him, or maybe I'm not into him because of him ghosting me. Either way I'm not enjoying my time with him.

So the logical answer would be to just end things as they are. I feel kind of dopey for giving him another chance in the first place, by the time April rolled around I was way way over him -- I think I'd even forgotten who he was by that point.
Would you ever give someone who ghosted you a second chance?
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