Girl cut me off, what should I do?

This girl and I started talking to and eventually dating cut me off completely. This girl and I had a complicated thing, she didn't want a relationship, but she got jealous when she saw me with other girls, she was happy when we were together but pushed me away when we werent together, refused my help. And i really took care of her, when she needed help i was there, i did thing's most guys wouldn't do, took her to places she wanted to go to, and i literally never asked for anything in return, i really did care and wanted her to be happy. Im not one to put my foot down, but we got into a big argument, she blocked me out of nowhere, and when confronted she flipped out on me and categorized me with the same bs all guy's are the same, like she almost had flashbacks of her past and for no reason because i literally did nothing wrong. So i said she treats me like shit when i do all this, and she really got offended with that and said she never wants to see me again. Now for some reason call me crazy but i feel like she is damaged and doesn't really mean what she says because when we are together we really did have a good time.
Everyone knows that I've done a lot for this girl, and everyone had told me to leave her or cut her off. I don't know why i wanna apologize and hope that we dont at least end on bad terms, but my question is, should i apologize to her for what was said or leave it be in hopes she comes back one day?
Girl cut me off, what should I do?
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