Thoughts on girls with a flat chest?

Ok so this just happened. I was in a post and I happened to say that I'm not attracted to facial or body hair and would make my theoretical husband get laser hair removal all over his face and body. Anyways this guy told me "that's sad" and then proceeded to tell me that "my chest is so flat that I look like a teenage boy". First I'm not sure why my preference warranted such an insult. Next of all I know I have a flat chest. I'm 28 so it's not getting bigger. That being said I've come to accept and like my body. Not having a chest or any curves allows me to be more mobile like jogging to stay in shape and I'm also more flexible in the bedroom. So give me your thoughts. Is having a flat chest and straight figure that much of a turn off? Are there any guys or girls that it would be a deal breaker for? Honestly just want to know.
Thoughts on girls with a flat chest?
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