Guys, Why text a girl then send short replies?

I met this older guy he's 42 and he's a wealthy guy, always busy, always working he's a really popular realtor in the area and has joint custody of an 11 yr old daughter. So his sched is full. We met at my uncles Labor Day party & hit it off. We hang out on a different night & at the end we made out pretty heavily but we didn't have sex. I told him I didn't want to rush. He respected that and said he's not looking for just sex. He's had that before and it's vapid and gets old. So he drives me home and says "I'd like to see you again, this time I'll take you out some place nice" I said "I'd like to see you too" and he said "really? You would?" I said "yes of course" he then gives me a looooong passionate kiss goodnight. We're in Florida so this week has been hectic getting ready for hurricane Irma plus he has his kid this week so we knew we wouldn't be seeing eachother. SO this entire week he texts me every single day BUT all he writes is "Hola" or "Sup" or "Hello" and then we exchange maybe 2 -5 texts back and forth his answers still short like one sentence or a few words but after maybe 2 or 3 texts he always responds with one word answers no matter WHAT i write. Even if I'm joking or teasing or talking about his favorite band. I'll receive "yup lol" or "awe lol" and "hahaha" afterwhich i never respond bc I think he doesn't want to talk or isn't interested yet HE texted me. But then the next day he texts me again and it starts all over.

Why does he do this? I don't have any problems with anyone else. I promise I'm not boring. I'm actually pretty cute and funny and I don't write long texts. But it makes me feel like he doesn't like me at all or isn't interested in talking to me. So then why text me in the first place? I don't want to push and drag a convo out if it's dead
Guys, Why text a girl then send short replies?
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