Hook up twice with the same guy in a time period of 8 month. Why did he call me back (I know he wanted sex)?

I met this guy in a singles dating site; we chat for a week or so I gave him my number and we start texting each other. He made it clear when we met on the site that he just wanted good sex. We met in front of my house talk a little to see if we like each other and we have sex. He did not call me or text me and I did the same. A month later he send me an email asking me how I was doing and if I wanted to hook up with him again but we did not. I forgot about this guy did not even remember he existed; and 8 month later he text me back asking me how I was doing, that he was checking his phone and saw my number and he wanted to say hello to me. We text each other for more than 9 hours and we end up having sex again. He came to my house late at night when we finish he left. next day did not hear from him. I know he wanted sex and maybe he was trying to get a booty and he found mine. But what I want to know why did he remember me after 8 month of not communication? he even told me that he was in another city for 3 month working over there and that he just got back. What I just want to know * If from something like this can something good comes out or this depends on the person and the situation?

I'm the type of woman that if you don't call me I don't call you; that is why we did not have any type of communication because he did not call or text and I did the same thing. I know I most look like a wh*re and to easy to many of you but this is the first time I do this and is was with the same guy because I like him (nobody else). What do you think He only wants *sex but casual sex is only casual sex or if the sex was good something else can comes out of it.

I also wants to know what makes a guy to have sex more than once with the same woman even when time like this pass?

1) He likes the sex with her

2) he likes her

3) He wanted to pleasure me not only him; he wanted me to like the act and he works for it

4) why did he came back to me (even though he not text me the next day; when he can find some one else as easy like me? because he is a handsome, tall guy that can attract any woman. Plus he drives a nice car (you know that attracts many women)

thanks guys
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When I said I did not even remember this guy its because I though the I was never going to see him again. That this happen one time and all this month pass and that he was hooking up with some else. Its not the I did not remember what happen between us.
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I know that many women don't do this but there's many that does and if I keep doing it any time he calls me or text me he just going to get what he wants and leaves. That is not what I want for me in my life that is why I'm never going to do this again
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YES this was the first time I do this thing and only with him; I might not express this right. And this is the last time I will do this because I do not want to get hurt or feel use by this guy Girls get emotional attache easy and guys don't
Hook up twice with the same guy in a time period of 8 month. Why did he call me back (I know he wanted sex)?
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