Why did this guy contact me after 3 months of no talking?

So I met this guy from a dating site back in December. I felt comfortable with him, so I stayed the weekend with him though it wasn't intended as that at first. He even bought all my food that weekend even though I insisted I had money. I left and he told me to let him know when I'd be in town again cause I was planning on moving back to the area soon for a job. I didn't have a job at that point in the area, but I was looking (I ended up getting a job a month later). I didn't really hear from him much after that. He im'ed me briefly on Facebook and we talked for about 2 mins, and I told him not to be such a stranger. 3 months later he pokes me on Facebook. 3 months of no talking what-so-ever. No "hi, how are you doing?" Nothing. So I'm like, okay, wtf? I honestly thought I'd never hear from him again. I message him and say, long time no talk. He messages me back and says, "I know, what the hell! How's it been going?" so I reply and say surely he isn't surprised that it's been so long since we've talked cause he just kinda stopped talking to me. Then I told him how I was.

I noticed back in January this girl was leaving messages on his wall saying how she loved spending time with him and loved him, etc. I'm pretty sure it's his ex. Though his Facebook has said single the whole time.

I'm just not sure why he would decide to contact me after all this time. When I did visit him there was nothing sexual. Never kissed, held hands or anything. I even slept in the same bed as him and nothing happened. He had even offered to sleep on the couch. So no one can say "he wants a booty call" cause that's not the case. It's not even like we were super close friends and he wanted to get back in touch with me. I knew the dude for about 2-3 weeks. I expect most guys to just blow you off and never talk to you again, though his actions confuse me. So I'm sitting here thinking, why me?
Why did this guy contact me after 3 months of no talking?
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