He says I don't call enough!

So my last boyfriend said didn't call him enough, but I don't want to talk to him all the time I have a life. I don't want to be a clingy girlfriend , we talk in the morning and from after lunch to like 12 at night. I think that's enough time with your boyfriend, I sent a lot of time at his house and he practically lived at my house; to the point that he had his own space in my closet for his clothes. When ever I would think to text him or call him he would call me like two minutes later. It was like he read my mind from his house, and then we would continue talking for hours. So what I want to know is how much is too much of being with your boyfriend? Also when do you draw the line between affectionate and clingy?


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  • well my boyfriend, He works 14 hour security shifts every night so I try and time thier schedule to fit in with yours. I don't usually text him till like 5 at night then I will text him through out the night then by time he is driving home at 7am I won't text till later that night! Just time it but from the way you sound, yeah that is alot, your not the clingy girlfriend or you wouldn't be posting lol he is the clingy boyfriend ha ha good luck!

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