My boyfriend always talks about his money?

New relationship very in love with each other at the moment I look forward to spending my weekends with him he has just gone back home tonight since coming on Friday.

but everything is about money he always says he can’t wait to buy us a house and I don’t have to work anymore and he will look after me.

he showed me his savings account he has a lot of savings and he showed me how much he earns but I really don’t care.

also he’s a gambler but he doesn’t really loose that much money he makes a lot back.

i just can’t seem to understand why he does it?


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  • Because he's obsessed with money, a lot of people are. He's impressed by large amounts of money and he thinks you will be too, which is why he keeps talking about it to you.

    • I'd say this is accurate 👆 On top of that I'd say he isn't really interested in other things.

  • You're in a new relationship and he's already talking about buying a house and saying you're not going to be working?



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