I don't understand dating or relationships?

How do they work? How serious is dating? Can you date more than one person at once? When does a date become a girlfriends, and what's the difference? Can you casually date, do people have sex while dating or does that wait until the relationship?


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  • dating is when a guy asks for a girl's number and they call for a while. Then he asks her out for a few dates like, movie and dinner is the popular one. Then maybe lunch and canoeing, and then maybe some thing like a walk in the park and a picnic. There is no sex in this, but you can hold hands, kiss and maybe cuddle if you're into that stuff. You can do this casually with a bunch of people. I did this with like 5-9 guys a month, and they all knew about each other. If it's just friendship then it's just friendship. If there is something more then you start talking exclusiveness... and maybe putting a label on it.

    Relationships: (After a few weeks to a few months of DATING) this is when you ask him or her "do you really like me?" and "Do you want me to be your gf/bf?" that's what I did. I mean, there are other ways to do the "talk". Then... I guess you can't go on dates with other people now. Only holding and kissing and cuddling with ONE person. And then you start talking the "we" are going to some day do this and that.. and you label each other boyfriend or girlfriend. Hmmm and then you also possibly can have sex or save it for marriage but this will be the ONLY person you have sex with.


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  • Dating means different things to different people, which is why it's confusing as heck, hence the need for this website :)

    Some people casually date more than one person at a time, others don't. In general, that is acceptable, but only BEFORE you become "official" boyfriend/girlfriend with one person. After you're official with someone, dating/sex with anyone else is considered cheating.

    A date becomes a relationship when both people decide the time is right and openly agree on it. That time is different for everyone. A reasonable time frame in which to become "official" is around 4-8 weeks of dating, although some couples become official earlier than that, some later.

    As for "casually dating," you might for example tell a girl you're not looking for anything serious, but just having fun. Some people don't want committed monogamous relationships, and prefer casual dating where they can have as many partners as they wish.

    As for sex, that also depends on both the guy and the girl, the amount of attraction to each other, the amount of trust between them, and each person's values about sex. Some couples start having sex after a few dates, some only after they've become official boyfriend/girlfriend, some only after they're married. There's no "rule" or right time frame.

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