Why do guys keep approaching me?

Ok this is going to sound conceited and I’m like full of myself but like this is becoming a real problem and making me feel uncomfortable. First this guy at work asks me out and I reject him and yet he keeps coming back to order food from me at the restaurant and chatting me up and I told him I had a boyfriend which I didn’t. And then I went on this date with someone last night this other guy I work with who I’ve been friends for a few months. We decided to try going on a date, we went to the lounge/restaurant at work and he was going on about how he feels different with me and he’s never felt this way before and I’m just so strikingly beautiful that he just like stutters when he’s around me. And then WHILE I’m on this date, this guy at the lounge comes up at close and starts trying to touch me and tell me I’m the most beautiful employee there and the server had to get him to leave because he wouldn’t stop trying to talk to me and she told me he was crying when I left? I have no idea what is going on here I have never had this problem before. When I wake up and look in the mirror I see like dark circles and messed hair and a flat chest and all the guys are telling me the opposite and it’s so confusing? I didn’t know I had this effect on men? when I was in High school I was bullied and I was pretty ugly tbh like more than now and I don’t feel like I look THAT different but I don't know what to do. I had to leave to the bathroom a few times because of those guys last night I felt so overwhelmed and uncomfortable :(
Why do guys keep approaching me?
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