Is my ex unfollowing me on Instagram mean it’s really over?

As stupid as the question sounds it’s 2017, everything revolves around social media and every little action people make is usually a big sign. I unfollowed my ex first to try to get over him and he unfollowed me 4 weeks later. And I haven’t contacted him in 4 weeks. is him unfollowing me on Instagram a sign that he really wants nothing to do with me anymore and that he’ll never contact me again or am I just being stupid as hell?


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  • Well, it could be his ego or anger towards you but, men get over pretty quick so, you could consider he's moved on.

    • thank you, out of the rest of the comments yours is the only one that isn’t coming at me thanks for your answer

    • I think, you should try meeting him in person if possible.

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  • He lost hope on u n he will be suffering n don't wanna be with anyone

  • Why do you care?

    • obviously because I still have feelings for them

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    • But truthful

  • He's your ex. Yes, it'ss over


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