Hungarian men personality traits?

Hungarian men personality traits?What are some personality and physical traits of Hungarian men? There's this coworker I have, and I want to know as much about his culture!


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  • I'm a Hungarian and the general trait, at least in my case, honest, honorable, funny, patriot. Hungarians are tend to be very friendly and open, however if someone tries to be smarter than we're, as Hungarians tend be very smart and has plenty of experience due to the history of our nation and the culture mix we had, we can give pretty good lectures to set you straight in a few things (We have one of the oldest and richest history in Europe.). If you're friendly, we're friendly, if you're arrogant, we can be arrogant too. As for physical traits, most of us love to do sport and working out, just like everyone else. We don't really like SJW, liberals and "civilians" NGO manics as we've pretty bad experiences with them. Oh, and we're hard worker. Basically these are the basics.

    • Do they date outside of their race?

    • Yep, most definitely. I also had an American girlfriend from Philly for a very long time. My cousin has a Scottish husband. So we're not racist or anything. We simply love our nation, our culture and our people, just as Americans love theirs. If you're kind, we're kind. Its that simple.

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