Pros & Cons of dating a shy guy?


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  • Pros: I can't think of any, I guess it can be funny if he make silly mistakes while being shy

    Cons: the progress of the relationship will be slower until he start to man up or you take charge

    You'll need to give him a chance at everything. If he's the nervous shy kinda type and he's trying to give you a hug or trying to hold your hand, give him some time because he will hesitate, or if he's trying to do those but slowly, just grab his hand and then give him a smile. But at some point you have to tell him to be more confident. Teach him.

    • I am super inexperienced too, he initiates all of the dates which is super nice. He must like me lol. I will try too, when is it the right time to give him a hug? I definitely want to show him that I like him, but telling him is too boring. Maybe go in for a hug before we depart? He also laughs at my horrible horrible jokes hahahaha, I am trying to be outgoing but I am also a little shy. But I feel pretty comfortable around him.

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    • If you have anymore questions feel free to ask. And make sure to stay happy, don't ever assume the worst.

    • If you have anymore questions feel free to ask

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  • Pro: You're making dreams come true. 😁

    Con: He may take a bit to not be shy around you, but it'll change. 🙂

  • He could listen to you well but he will be quiet at times?😊😂

  • He likes to sit and relax


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