Girl ghosted me after 1 month?

Been dating this girl for a month. In the first 2 weeks it was going great. She was really into me and made it clear that she was. She wanted to spend all our free time together and spending nights over at each other's place. However toward the last 2 weeks she seemed to begin to distance herself from me. She stopped responding to text very frequently like she had been. She didn't want to hangout as much and she started to flake on plans. And after Christmas she completely ghosted me without explanation. I started catching feelings for this girl pretty quick. When she was sick I took care of her throughout the whole ordeal. Picked her up from the airport when she needed a ride. Etc. I can't stop thinking about her and I know it's over now but I still wish she would give me some kind of explanation. Thoughts? Thanks.
Girl ghosted me after 1 month?
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