Should I tell my boyfriend about his friend sexual harassment?


So my boyfriend has this friend, we will call him JC, In the first week of school, JC sexually harassed me. I was not dating my boyfriend then. I reported JC to a school counselor and she told me that it was sexual harassment. It was really scary. JC and my boyfriend are really good friends, dare I say it, best friends. JC understandably makes me really uncomfortable to be around but he is a really good friend to my boyfriend (we have been dating for about 4 months). Should I tell my boyfriend about JC?

Also, another one of my boyfriend's friends (we will call him TJ) tried to ask me out in the beginning of the year and when I politely refused, he sexually harassed me and even sent me emails about his dick size on school email. And really just repeated overly-sexual, creepy comments. I have not reported him yet, but lately, he has been starting to do the same things again and I plan to when I am back at school. TJ and my boyfriend are friends and I also want to tell my boyfriend about this.

The thing that makes this all complicated is that I was raped about 3 years ago. I've told my boyfriend this and he has been extremely supportive. I don't want t to be "the girl who cried rape" and also I'm sure I am kinda sensitive to this kinda stuff so I want to be sure that I am not overreacting.

Should I tell my boyfriend? How would I tell him?
Should I tell my boyfriend about his friend sexual harassment?
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