He told me to shave my nipple hair?

So I've been talking to this guy for the past 3 months and recently we started getting a little flirty with each other and we met up a couple of times. So I really like him and I know he likes me too , he tells me I'm beautiful all the time. So the last time we went for a movie together and he touched my breasts. I plucked out my nipple hairs the previous night though ( apparently not all) so anyway that went on for a while. He ended up doing it 3 times during the movie. Got back home things were still normal he was saying how much he loved touching my breasts blah blah. 3 days later we were texting and it was getting kinda hot and then he goes " I really wanna suck on your nipples and never stop. Babe you should cut the hairs off your breasts I could feel them when I was squeezing". So I'm really hurt right now I think I might've turned him off I don't even feel like talking to him anymore I'm so self conscious. What do I do? I acted like it wasn't a big deal what he said. I'm so sad right now :(
He told me to shave my nipple hair?
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