What can I say to a girl after I stole a kiss and she got mad?

So am planing to steal a kiss from this girl... I don't know what her reaction might be... but I want to be ready

Can anyone give me tips on what to say if she gets mad at me?


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  • Ok, I am not going to exactly tell you off, but don't do that. Look a first kiss for a girl sometimes mean a lot to them depending on if they care. And I don't want to kiss any-one until I found the right one. So my first kiss still awaits. But it would be a really pricky thing for you to do. If she cares she'll cry, knowing that some-one stole her first kiss. Don't do it. There is nothing you can say that take back what you done.

    First kiss means everything to me and maybe to this girl. But her feelings into consideration before you do a pricky thing. If you are trying to be cool then your not.

    • It is not her first one... but she doesn't have lots of experience (I know because she tells me every time she kisses a guy and it is been like 7 times.... does that still apply to what you are saying?

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    • Ye know... I chose you as the best answer because you focused on something that never came into my mind which is the way she feels... it helped me thank you....

      BTW am 16 and she is 14... do you think that will affect in her reaction?

    • Well I am glad I helped you:)

      No, I know people around both your ages going out. But if you guys are close friends and you are only mucking around then go for it, but if you guys aren't close I would not recommend you to do that.

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  • one of my friends did this to me. I was not expecting it at all. right after all he said was " you can do better then that" I laughed so hard I didn't even care. its been a joke ever since. so it depends on the girl.. if its her first kiss ever then I would say no but if its not not it just depends on the girl..

  • DO IT! any guy who has the guts to that must be amazing. if some one did that to me as long as I'm single and what not I'd be impressed (:

  • DO NOT STEAL HER KISS! that is the dumbest thing you could do if you want to kiss her so dam bad then you can wait and be her Fin boyfriend! I am saving my first kiss for someone special and if a guy "stole"' mine I would kick the sh** out of them! so don't OK bye


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  • have you held hands with this girl? How about you steal a hand hold first. Too many guys go for the kiss right away and f*** things because they come on too strong

    • Mmm... she flirts with me sometimes and yes sometimes there's physical contact

    • No, I mean have you held hands with her when going somewhere. Say you go somewhere with her, you take her by the hand and go there. Do this first