Boyfriend gives you his favorite necklace?

Okay so I'm in a relationship with someone right now and I really like him...we have only been dating for about 9 days and he has already given me his jacket to keep "forever" and he just gave me his favorite necklace with his name on it that he always wears and only takes off to run...what does this mean?


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  • I haven't had that happen for me in a very long time very first boyfriend was like that...we hadn't been dating that long and he gave me his bracelet and then his necklace his grandma had given to him and some t shirts and sweaters, etc. Lol it may seem odd but its really sweet if you guys are really into each other. If you're creeped out and he's a little creepy then I don't know but it could mean that he wants you to trust him. Some people show their emotions in their actions and not necessarily verbally.


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  • He really is the one who will always be there to care for you no matter what. I imagine you definitely desearve a guy like this. He seems special and not like all the others I've dated. He's a keeper and he will love you forever and ever. Good luck with your future husband! Lol :p

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