No one ever wanted a relationship with me. Why am I so undesirable?

I’m not ugly, pretty much the opposite. I get complimented a lot from my looks, even by strangers on the street. Guys hit on me a lot when I go out, also on tinder I’m extremely successful. And the guys I get attention from are (also, not only) very handsome, so I guess hey could have anyone and looks aren’t the problem here.

None of the guys I liked back ever wanted more than sex with me. I almost have the impression they use me for their egoes, in order to be able to say they slept with a pretty girl, and than I’m of no use anymore.

I know I am picky. The thing I find the most attractive in people is empathy, and when I have the imprimessimo someone is sperficial, or lacks sensitivity, I’m not attracted to them. I’m also a bit picky for what concerns looks: I don’t like the guys who would be considered handsome by most girls, muscles and that stuff don’t have any effect on me, but I like very tall guys, if a guy is shorter than 1.85 I am not attracted to him to start with. Don’t know why. I guess everyone has their type.

I had had a story with a guy who fulfilled all the above mentioned things, I was deeply in love with him. It ended very badly, he didn’t want commitment and ended what we had, only to get himself a serious girlfriend a couple weeks after (and she’s really not good looking so that made me feel terrible about myself).

im kind and caring towards the people I love, have many friends, I don’t think I have a bad personality, still no one has ever expressed interest in being in a relationship with me...
No one ever wanted a relationship with me. Why am I so undesirable?
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