Why am I never interested in anyone?

So, I recently found out I never am interested in anyone. Every time I meet a new girl I always act so happily interested, whenever I get a little close to someone I am no longer interested. It's like it's just hope, to become interested.

I've never "been in love" or, had a girlfriend. I think this might be the reason.


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  • I feel the same way.

    Are you feeling pressured to be with someone?

    Or maybe you just like the idea of being in love or having crushes.

    I realized that I'm like that too. Lately I just don't crush anymore. I think I might just like the thrill of having a crush. Its fun.

    How old are you?

    After high school, I just didn't have many crushes anymore. And if I did, it felt forced. Maybe our hormones aren't all crazy that we don't fall for everyone we see. And I guess its a good thing.

    I guess what we need now is to make a connection with someone in order to really like them. Just be patient. You'll probably fall for someone when you least expect it.

    • And so I did, as I least expected it... And it's horrible.

      Be careful for what you wish for -.-

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  • And this concerns you because...?

    There is absolutely nothing weird about that. I myself had never had a real crush or wanted to be anything more than friends with any boy ever until like 2 months ago.

    And let me tell you this, when the right person comes along, you just "know". You shouldn't really be waiting for her arrival. It just kinda Fits, you know, when you're ready to be with someone.

    If anyone tells you anything different, just remember, this is your life and your feelings. Take your time, no rush :)

    • "no rush" well I felt lonely for many years now, and people keep telling me that someone'll come along. I really don't think so anymore.

    • If you're really lonely you could ofcourse always try speed dating. Who knows, maybe someone would interest you? You could aslo ask your friends to try and hook you up with someone they think is cool.

    • Maybe, I have no clue where speed dating exists, nor do I think my friends would hook me up with someone... That's just weird.

      But, then again I never tried. Thanks.

  • I know how you feel, I do the same thing but I think mine stems from watching other family members. It's kind of a rush and then it's like you're bored.For you however, maybe if you don't have the mindset you hope you'll be interested in the person and just go with the flow you might turn out to like them more.

    • I don't understand the last part, please explain.

    • You said you hope to be interested right? I was saying maybe not to be pre-occupied with thinking about the hope so much and just meet the next person and just kind of show interest put in effort but not so much effort that you're gonna get bored again, that you'll like the person better

    • Maybe. Thanks for the advice.

  • You just haven't found someone you truly have feelings for yet. It will happen.. don't worry.

    • but feelings is not the same as interest, is it?.

    • Well... if you really want something. Go get it:) Don't wait around.. just make it happen. Ask someone on a date. See where it goes from there.

  • completely opposite for me.

    i always fall too quickly.


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