He apparently likes me and stares at me from afar but also avoids me most of the time. What’s his deal?

him and his friend also always tell each other when I’m around like i’ll hear them say “oh there she is” anytime they see me at break times. i have a crush on him and it feels despite me being told by others he likes me, he doesn’t because he always avoids me and genuinely seems really uninterested, he does watch me a lot and stare at me from afar, when he thinks im not looking. and today I was sitting down with my class at lunch and two people had left the table, so I pulled a seat over next to one of the unattended seats so my friend could sit down and i realised that the empty seat was his and his friend was just watching me sit down staring at me, holding back a smile. It was weird. What should I do about this? We’ve been classmates for two months and him and his friend and the only ones I have never exchanged a single sentence with...


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  • This brings back memories.. I once was that guy, looking at a girl I had a total crush on - she was so beautiful and had a freshness about her that brightened my day. But I would not talk to her because I was shy and didn't know what to say or how to handle just being close to her. I found small talk so difficult (still do actually) and couldn't string together a simple sentence without making myself sound like a complete idiot. If only I had the courage to go talk to her.. but I just couldn't do it. If she had approached me, I would have probably been more comfortable with it because she is coming to me, so she must be at least interested in talking to me, right?

    Go talk to him. Tell him you like him and be honest about the situation - that you are interested too. Understand that he may find simple conversation difficult, so you'll need to help him with that, until he is comfortable.
    Good luck!

  • He's probably just shy


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