What does it mean when a guy says you look intimidating?

I just need some advice, growing up I was the fat girl in class. Guys never wanted to talk to me and that’s ok, I never blamed them. So many friends and relatives used to say “you have a really pretty face, if you lost weight, oh my god you’d look amazing”.

Recently over the past year I managed to lose 70lbs, while I’m still going I look a hell of a lot different than I did before. Now people treat me different, friends, relatives etc. they say things like ”how are you still single, I bet you have all the boys chasing after you”. Typical stuff.

But guys still won’t talk to me. I smile a lot and try to act friendly but guys won’t really take notice. I then asked my straight guy friends and they said “it’s because your intimidating. You look a lot different than you did before plus you have a look of “I know what I want and you don’t have a chance” which isn’t the look I want to put out!

But I don’t consider myself in the same league as all the other girls I see everywhere, they are so pretty and gorgeous. But at the same time, what does it mean? Am I too much to handle or something?


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  • No. Try talking to the ones you like.


What Girls Said 1

  • Oh my gosh! I've heard the exact same thing! Seriously though I'll be watching this question. I wish I could tell you, what some of my friends told me is that it's because I'm not outgoing or friendly enough with guys. I'm 21 now and this is feeling ridiculous so I've decided to start asking guys on dates. Dunno exactly what to tell you to do. Maybe you should try the same thing? (If you feel comfortable about it)


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