What does it mean when a guy says you look "snazzy"?


I was out with a guy friend/our friend group tonight. We hang out once a week at the least most the time. So I wore an outfit I hadn't worn around him before. I usually wear basic blue jeans and basic shirts (normal t shirts/hoodies and such). Tonight, I decided to wear different pants (kind of jeans material but not blue jeans) and a nicer, yet still casual top. He gave me a hug as usual when I came in to say hello (he hugs me at the least 2-3 times every time we meet up).

When we were going to part ways and call it a night, he made his way over to me and gave me a big hug then said "well, YOU look snazzy tonight". I noted I had gotten some new clothes and the top I was wearing was one I picked up during that trip. I also said I had other colors and he seemed excited that I got the others too. Then after that, he asked if I'd be at our next outing and I said of course. He smiled and said he'd see me then, we told each other to drive safe and that was that.

I appreciated the apparent compliment... but I was also a little confused. He has never commented on/noticed/complimented my clothes before. And what does "snazzy" mean exactly? Does it mean he liked my outfit and thought I looked good? Did he mean he thought I was over-done or my outfit was too much? Opinions?

Note - NO it was NOT anything flashy or ridiculous. No glitter/sparkles. Not bright or neon. Very basic colors (black and white themed actually).

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He also calls me "my dear" a lot randomly. He just started that about a month ago. He will sometimes use my name with it as well (like "____ my dear" or "my dear ____"). He does it a lot now. Any thoughts on that?
What does it mean when a guy says you look "snazzy"?
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