If a guy lingers around?

do you think if a guy is lingering around you but won't say anything to you then he is waiting for you to talk to him or he is trying to get you to talk to him?

and if I think dis guy likes me anyway.


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  • typical signs a guy likes you include:

    - hanging around (not in a group, even if he's not saying something) <--- this one

    - talking to you (including saying dumb things just to talk to you)

    - touching you (including play-fighting, pulling hair, poking)

    - offering to help you (do things for you)

    - giving you gifts (bought or just something they found)

    - making stupid jokes to try to make you laugh (successful or otherwise)

    - doing otherwise dumb-seeming things

    so there's a good chance he likes you but is too shy to speak up


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  • It'd help if you described where he was doing this, when, for how long, and your relationship with him (how you know him and how he knows you).

    But generally if a guy lingers, at least for me, I usually want to communicate with the person I'm near.

    • Well ther ewas a group of 6 or 7 of us at the pep rally and he was in that group. and I was talking tomy friend and he came around near me and he was just well hanging around. and hhere were people in the group he could have talked to. so I asked him how his summer went. and I met him in school in 6th gade.

    • If that's true, then he probably didn't want to talk to you with so many people around. When a guy wants to get to know a girl better, he never wants to talk to her while there's a group of people with her.

    • No I mean we weren't all standing together talking. we wee like spread out and everyone was talking to their buddies and me and my friend were kind of off to the side.

  • he is basically running senarios in his head but can't make them happen.

    • Man I hate when that happens, haha.

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    • Oh haha. well I do that too. he was standing there and I was running scnarios in my head, but I just went ahead and said something. but I do that a lot too lol

    • Very nice. lol.

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