My crush says I catch him off guard a lot what does that mean?

My crush complimented me on good work I did. He was surprised. I told my crush I'm unpredictable and he said yes you catch me off guard a lot. I recently confessed my feelingss to him before this. . But he didn't smile when I said it. Is that bad?
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  • You're predictable. Everything follows patterns.
    He's just not paying attention

    • Okay so was what he said good or bad?

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    • He's my boss
      He showed interest first. He made flirtatious comments and found me on a dating app. he often talked about how he broke up with his ex girlfriend in front of me. I declined because we work together. Then I got a crush and confessed but told him to reject because he's my boss. I had a home situation and didn't have a home. He told me I could crash at his house. I took that as him being evry nice but I declined. So I invited him out for some food and he said yes. Now we are here where he made that statement.

    • You need to look for a new job if you want to peruse this.

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