What does it mean if a guy adds you on his private story on snapchat, and asks to start a streak with you, is he interested?


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  • Me and my friends always share private stories (inside jokes mostly) and have streaks. It could just be that type of situation I wouldn’t overthink it. Try testing the waters and flirt and see how he reacts

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      I do flirt with him, and he always flirts back. He also seems to add a lot of detail in his texts and tells me what he’s doing that day. He opens my snaps really quickly and replies quickly as well. His texts are also long and well thought out, however he doesn’t seem to initiate text. He did twice but doesn’t anymore. If I text him first he replies quickly, and it seems like he is interested in the conversation;he also uses exclamation marks, and tries to make me laugh. But why doesn’t he initiate conversation, do you think he is interested?

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