I gave a guy my number but he hasn't texted me yet. I'm pretty sure he likes me too.

would you text a girl right away if she gave you her number and you sorta like her?

i saw him put the card in his packet and I don't know if he saw it and thinks I'm weird and didn't text me or put it in the wash. what would you have done?


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  • I have lost numbers before, when did you give your number out? If he doesn't call in a week than its over.

    • before thanksgiving... but we still flirt all the time and I always catch him looking at me. do you think if I gave him my number again it would be risky? I probably won't but I feel like that is one of the "walls" that is preventing our relationship from going further.

    • Well right now your relationship is stuck and might need a "risk" to move forward. If you like things as the are now than just continue what your doing but if you want the relationship to move forward you will need to be more risky. If he dislikes you because you were to forward than he never really liked you to begin with.

    • well I'm not exactly the most confident person with things like this so what would you want a girl to do in this sort of situations or what risks would you recommend. I'm stuck!

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