No contact inbetween dates?

Hello girls and guys

So, here is a short story of what went off before.
I met this guy via Tinder, and for our first date we had a drink and we really clicked, for the second date he came over and I cooked him dinner. He invited me to his place but I declined (safety first you know) so that's why I invited him over at my place.
Things were a little weird so we went our separate ways (lol does that sounds too dramatic?)

Long story short we recently reconnected through this dating app and he invited me over for dinner at his place soon. A week went by and I hadn't heard from him so I asked him when he wanted to do this dinner date. He then responded almost immediately that he was going to be at his family for Easter, so someday next week will work.

But I was wondering, there was no inbetween contact and if I hadn't reached out and asked him I would still be wondering if there was ever going to be a third date lol.

I need your thoughts on this one, I am not at all a fan of texting everyday, I know some guys only text for practical reasons and not to chit chat but yea... Us girls we still stress lol.

In previous chats, when he asked me over at his place, I already made it clear I was not interested in meeting and having sex. So still I wonder, I don't feel like he is genuinenly interested in me as a potential girlfriend because of the lack of inbetween texts. To me it shows disinterest, but then again he does want to cook for me, or does he wants something else.
Well anyways I was hoping to get some guy's POV on this!

No contact inbetween dates?
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