I think I chose the wrong girl of the two - what do I do?

I thought I liked this one girl but in getting to know her more, I'm finding that I like the other one better. The problem is I told the girl I'm not dating now that I didn't want to date 2 girls at once but lets still talk.

Is it too late now to go to the other girl or is she gonna think she was my second choice and now I will always be a friend.


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  • It really depends on the girl. If you play your cards right, sincerely apologize, and make her feel like the special one you were stupid to pass up, she may forgive you. In most cases though, (if the girl has any respect), she won't settle for being the second pick. The one you came back to after you explored your other options. Most girls will assume it's because you find the other one more physically attractive, even if that's not the case. In part because we know guys place a lot of importance on looks.

    • well what happened was I met both of them online and I had talked to the first one for 2 months and we went out to coffee and it was great and I have dinner planned with her. So all I did was tell the other girl on the site that I'm going on a date with this other girl and because I have respect for you I want to be honest. I didn't want to keep getting her hopes up while I was going on dates with another girl. Well now I think I have changed my mind.

  • When I first read your post, I thought you were one of those guys who didn't know what he wanted, which is a turn off for women like me. Then, after I read your reply to one of the answers below, I changed my mind. What you did is fine because you were just being honest. I do not think that it is too late for you to try to date the other girl. I know that, if it were me, I would understand where you are coming from.


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