Should I tell her I'm jealous?

My best friend is a girl that I've known for a few months, but we talk everyday sunrise to sundown. We've spent countless hours on the phone and are always there for eachother. When I first met her, I did have feelings for her and she had a boyfriend at the time, which made me very jealous and envious towards her. For a period of time, I really didn't like her for those reasons. But I learned to love her and she's the only non family member that I've said "I love you" to in a serious way. However, she's told me multiple times that she doesn't like me in a romantic way and her love for me is in a friendly way. Despite my contentment with that, whenever she starts to develop feelings for someone (I always know about it because we talk about literally everything) I get very jealous and it makes me feel sad sometimes. Should I tell her that I feel jealous?
Should I tell her I'm jealous?
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Should I tell her I'm jealous?
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