Girl asked me to be her wingman, what does it mean?

Recently she broke up with her boyfriend, her boyfriend being one of my oldest mates. Before they started dating, we nearly had a fling as she wanted to make him jealous, what should I do? She also invited me out to go drinking with her in the near future

I wouldn't mind if it was real, and I know it could be to get him jealous, but is it worth screwing a friend over and getting the girl, or am I best to go along with it because he was in the wrong in the first place?


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  • She could be into you for real this time, but it also could be to make her ex jealous and therefore, get him back. Go get drinks with her, but be weary...


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  • go out drinking with her and seal the deal.

    by which I mean f*** her, dumbass! =)