Should I text him back after he got mad at me?

Hi, I've been dating this guy for 2 months and for the past few weeks he's really been asking a lot about the other guys that I'm dating. He'll ask if I see them as often as I see him, and kinda gets jealous whenever I talk about the other guys I'm dating (each time he brings it up). I thought he kept bringing it up Because he wants 2 be more exclusive...but then he got mad at me.This was our last text convo before we got in an arguement...

me: Are you asking who I'm dating Because your affraid that I kiss them and stuff too? or are you asking Because you wanna be more exclusive with eachother

him: kinda a combination of both

me: well the option of being excusive is on the table if you want that. but if not, then I'll continue seeing other biggie

him: well have fun with that!

me: what's that supposed 2 mean? you sound mad. I just meant that if you wanna be exclusive that's OK but if not then we can still date other ppl

him: I'm not mad!

So, should I text him this morning apologizing for the mixup? My friends say I shouldn't but I don't know y he got upset with me...he does that whenever we're on the subject of other guys. (we met on an online dating site if that means anything)

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So I texted him anyways saying that it seemed like we had a lot of miscommunication, that I still like him but that I was just trying 2 ask him in a way that was no pressure.he still hasn't responded yet. ill give it a day. if he doesn't respond then eff him
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He got back 2 me. Then I told him that I wasn't gonna take him treating me badly and would leave if he didn't get his act together.i texted him a cheery message the next morning. He then called me.He asked me 2 be his gf.So now its official
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hope my story helps other girls in this situation. Let him know you care but don't loose who you are in the proccess & be OK if it doesn't work out
Should I text him back after he got mad at me?
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