I was told women deserve to get hit by a man, do you agree?

This was in the context of some women hit hard and hit first...

I’m like, dude. My boyfriend from high school clocked me in the face on accident and nearly broke my nose. Someone was holding his arms back when he was yelling at a dude. I was standing in front of him telling him to calm down and he accidentally punched me.

the guy goes, I’m so sorry for what you went through that’s horrible.

But some women deserve to be hit back. I’m like... hmmmmmm... I guess I would just run and not hit a guy back or not run and not hit back.

I took up running to escape violence.

Some women hit men and that’s not okay. But most guys can hold her down. He said he was joking, he thought I would find it funny. Saying he’d knock a bitch out.

I’m like... no. The guy that accidentally punched in the face was punching me with less than half force and it wrecked my face.

If a guy hits me might kick him if he’s trying to rape me, but then I run.

I’m so confused as to why certain guys now feel the need to “hold their ground” and fight women by punching them in the face.

I'm working in this with my friend because I think he’s mistaken.

But this isn’t the first time I’ve heard this. Some women deserve to be hit. Did they punch you first? Maybe/ maybe. It doesn’t matter.

I’m explaining why I didn’t marry someone due to abuse and this guy is like well...
He’s thin, muscular and runs faster. I’m like bye guy of 5 years.

My past psychopathic boyfriends were at least meaty and slow. P
I was told women deserve to get hit by a man, do you agree?
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