I don't like the way my girlfriend kisses..

Well I asked a girl out recently, we like each other. We kissed a lot but I don't like that she doesn't use her tongue too much. Her mouth is always not open enough for me.

Sometimes when we keep kissing with locked lips for a while she we will open her mouth and give me her tongue but it's too rare.

How do I tell her? I don't want to be an ass and tell her I don't like the way she kisses, and I don't think I know how to tell her "babe, can you open your mouth more?" the right way. This can go wrong in so many ways.

Also why do you think she does it? I brush my teeth, they aren't yellow or anything like that, they are good teeth.

The only thing is, I smoke. She smokes too though. If that's what is bothering her. I don't know then. It'd be really hard for me to quit smoking. I started when I was 14, I'm 18 now and I tried quitting before but it didn't last. Help please! =[


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  • My class in health talked about the lol

    one thing don't ever blame it on her, like never say--- you,. or ---i think you.

    make it a mutual thing like we need to work on this or I feel we need practice.idk really but I hope that helps some

  • be like wanna know what reallt turns me on? and then guide her. but don't tell her you don't like the way she kisses.


    • I think something like that might work, I have an idea now =D thanks a lot.

    • You can also say something like "let's try something..." Make sure to give her compliments positive reinforcement when she does what you like.

      And the first poster was totally right: don't tell her she's a bad kisser!

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