Do fuckboys have a favourite girl?

So I fell for another fuckboy...

Met on hinge and at first he was doing all the right things making me feel special, pouring a lot of attention to me, taken me on dates and we’d see each other most of the week.

In the 3 week mark, I asked if he’s seeing other girls and he admitted he is but not like how he’s seeing me, he’d hang out with my friends even and get me gifts etc. I told him I didn’t like that because I’m only seeing him and no one else and he says it’s still early days. I said, ok it’s still early days so I’ll let it go but I’ve made it clear that I don’t want to be wasting my time, it’s either we date for a relationship in the future or I leave and if it gets too much and he can’t keep his dick in his pants I’m leaving.

I finally left after 2 months after finding texts from girls on his phone still and at first he initially said ok, it’s a shame because he does like me but said he decided he’s not looking for a relationship anytime soon and said I deserved someone who wants the same things... but he said in the future in a few years maybe we can pursue further. I said no, fuck that I’m not waiting for you, I know my guy will find me at the right time.

But yes, all his other girls are basically just waiting around for him as he said he’s looking to get into a relationship 2-3years down the line as he’s too busy with work rn and still young- all bullshit.

But he can’t seem to let me go. He’d ring me at crazy hours on the morning saying he wants to see me etc and I said leave me alone or I’d block him.

So, am I naive to think that I’m his favourite even after all the girls he’s talking to?

We spent so much time together though and he’d spend quite a lot on our dates and presents for me that I’m questioning if someone has the money and time to do that to multiple girls? He’s not rich, he’s only a policeman so he doesn’t make that much money..
Do fuckboys have a favourite girl?
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