My friend started kissing me when we were both drunk at a party, is she into me?

Okay so I was in a club one night and this girl randomly taps me on the shoulder, and says hey (my name) do you remember me, it's (her name), I'm in your psychology tutorial (which is like university workshop) and so trying not to sound mean, I was like yea sure, hugged her and left. Then the next time I had a tutorial I said hi to her but didn't sit next to her (sad ae) and then another night in town she again came up behind me and it was just the club all over again except without the awkward convo about if I remember her. So here's this girl I barely know, and then randomly one day she invites me out for coffee which I missed the text for because I was asleep. And then a week later she invites me to her 18th. So I go to this party and it was so awkward because I didn't know anybody, so I started just sculling my drinks, and got really tipsy, and well I don't know how drunk (her name) was, but she was sober enough to text me directions and come outside and get me because I got lost... Anyway we were all outside and she suddenly drags me into the lounge because she want's me to pick a song and before I know it she puts her arms around me and starts kissing me. I went with it for a little, but then pushed her away, because..well I don't really know why. Then she started licking my ear and took me into her bedroom too show me her room. And then we started making out again and once again I pushed her away...again. It's now been two days and and we had lunch together today and neither of us talked about it. It only came up once in a conversation with my mate and all said said was I was so wasted.


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  • Lets recap shall we?

    1: Introduces herself to you at a club (You hugged her)

    2: She invites you to coffee (HELLO! A date! - Which you missed...heh)

    3: She invites you to her birthday party

    4: Hooks up with you and spends time alone with you rather than with her friends

    A gay guy would have figured this one out on item number 1 which leads me to believe that your head is planted firmly into the ground - ostrich style.


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  • If it means anything, I would never kiss a guy I didn't have feelings for.

    But I never act like this girl, so I'm sorry but I can't really "read" her actions. Then again I know many girls get wasted just to hit on a guy more boldly and they don't choose a random target just because they are drunk. If she was all over you, she wanted to be.


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  • well you're playing this beautifully for someone so oblivious. She seems to be incredibly interested in you and you're doing a good job of playing hard to get. Why you even asked this question is curious and as this is girls ask guys I'm just gonna ask if the reason u're not really interested in this girl is if u're into guys?

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