How to keep from having a panic attack while kissing/making out?

Hi! I know this sounds really strange, but I went on a fourth date with a guy I've been dating this Friday , and we started kissing while we were in his room. He and I have both been a bit unsure as to whether we'll be more than friends in the long-term, but we both really care for each other and agreed to take things slow. However, I feel like things went pretty fast! I'm only 18, and he's the second guy I've kissed, but we had our first kiss together and started making out on the same day. Even though I really enjoyed kissing him, I froze up and got really anxious while we were kissing. He pulled back and asked me if I was okay, and all I could do was laugh awkwardly and ask "Is this good?" He told me it was and we started kissing again, but I felt like I couldn't breathe, so I leaned my head on his shoulder while he kissed my neck. I'm so embarrassed, because soon after we stopped kissing I asked to use his restroom and had a panic attack in there. I'd had a panic attack on the date we went on before, too, (he helped comfort me) and I just don't want him to think I'm crazy. He's 24 and obviously has a lot more experience than I do, but he's been very understanding. He knows I have an anxiety disorder, but everything is so new to me and I'm still getting used to it all. Do you have any advice? Any ways to keep my stomach from churning or myself from panicking while kissing him? Thank you so much for reading and helping! :)


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  • Your nervous girl! Where is your confidence? You snagged a cute 24 year old (i'm going to assume he's cute for your sake). So this is new to you, everyone has to start somewhere, and he knows that, he was in your place one time too. Take a few deep breathes before hand, remind yourself that you are comfortable with yourself and you don't have to please anyone. If you feel like it's too much for you and you're going too fast, tell him you need to slow down and get to know him better, take you one a date, go see a movie, hang out without doing anything physical, this may make you warm up to him faster and gain some confidence.


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