I’m so sick and tired of my disrespectful boyfriend?

My boyfriend constantly looks at other women in front of me and makes comments about other women. It isn’t just him innocently checking out girls that are obviously beautiful u can’t help but look. No, it’s much worse.
example 1) I meet up with him at a bar with my friends he tells my friend she looks so good and says NOTHING to me. & keeps calling her pretty in front of me
2) on my birthday, he kept staring at this girls ass right in front of me
3) at the mall together he was literally staring at this girl, not just checking her out slyly, but literally following her w his eyes right in front of me
4) this girl comes up on one of those dating app ads on snap and he says to me “why can’t you look like that”
5) texted me a pic of an Instagram model and said I wish u looked like that
6) told me once that he wishes we were friends first before we dated so I could’ve hooked him up with my friends
7) called this girl who goes to my college “the baddest girl at *insert college* right now” when I literally go to that college too
8) asked me for a girl I knows Instagram so he could add her cause he thought she was hot
9) calls my friends hot in front of me
10) I was on my Snapchat looking through ppls stories and a girls selfie came up and he went I wish u had lips like that
there’s so many more examples but I’ve never felt more insecure in my life. I’m just so confused if he’s not attracted to me why did he ever approach me in the first place? Cause he was the one to pursue me to begin with. Everytime I leave him he begs for me back. So I don’t get it. I feel so ugly whenever I’m with him and I always try so hard with my makeup and outfit and everything and he never notices but he gets mad at me when other guys notice or stare or compliment me. I’m sick of feeling like I’m not good enough. What do I do? Am I being dramatic and insecure?
I’m so sick and tired of my disrespectful boyfriend?
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