Guy not over ex?

When my boyfriend (er not officially) and I were friends, his girlfriend at the time was very jealous and suspicious of us and I don't blame her. Only once did something happen but we were both drunk and regretted it after cause well we felt guilty. His girlfriend was his best friend of 10 years but she liked him the whole time and he was like eh why not give it a try (well this is what he told me). She found out about what happened between the 2 of us and broke up with him over 2 months ago. And he and I started hanging out and dating romantically just recently and everything was okay and great.
He has a habit of shutting down or disappearing when he's going through some stuff (he did for their breakup) and yesterday I was doing some errands and he called. He sounded weird or off and told me to call him when I was done but then my phone died so I did when I got home. Tried to call and text him but his phone was off and he deactivated his Instagram account so I was worried but assumed he just wanted some time alone.
Fast forward to today he reached out to me and said that she called him randomly yesterday as they haven't spoken in weeks and cussed him out about us (the drunken mistake then and now dating) really badly. He said that normally he wouldn't care if someone is upset or cusses him out but when she does is the only time he feels truly awful "because of their history". Is it wrong that I feel uneasy about this? I didn't really think that he was over her but he always made it seem like he was just in the relationship just because she wanted it to work... now I'm not so sure. Note that he still has a picture of them and a gift she gave him (from 5+ years ago) in his living room.
Guy not over ex?
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