When should I expect him to hide his profile on dating sites?

hey, so I'm 34, divorced, and met a guy online a few months ago. since meeting we have talked and/or texted every day virtually all day/nite since, and we have hung out weekly (usually just once a week, we both have kids)--including sleeping over. anyway, we have obviously by now admitted having feelings for each other, we get along like best friends when we're together, we've got similar sense of humors, and we're beyond compatible physically...but as good a time we have together, he has refused to take down his online dating profile. I haven't asked him to deactivate it, but I thought at this point if he was thinking of me as potential girlfriend, he should wanna hide his profile to see how things turn out. I don't need a commitment right off the bat, but I don't get why hiding his profile is such a big deal to him...I did tell him I'm done right now, as I feel he's playing me, but was I right to assume he's just not that into me if he can't hide dating profile after 3 months of solid talking/hanging out? he def goes on site, so it's not an issue of him not going on often. thanks for the feedback!
When should I expect him to hide his profile on dating sites?
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