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Being ugly and shy, do I even stand a chance when it comes to dating?

I'll be the first to admit that I'm not exactly the most attractive girl out there. Sure, we all have different definitions of beauty but there's a general idea of what's considered pretty and what's not. I'm not. My body's fine I suppose, if not a little on the smaller side than what most guys seem to prefer. My face just isn't very pretty. Sure, I've never straight up been called ugly, but it's what I've gathered based on the lack of flirting and being hit on. Yes, I know flirting isn't always really obvious but guys hardly even glance my way, let alone talk to me.

I'm very shy and reserved too, especially with guys, so that doesn't help any. It's why my friends and family say guys don't approach me but I feel like that's just a cop out for me being unattractive.

All this being said, I have absolutely zero experience romance or sex-wise at 21. I'm feeling incredibly behind everyone else my age and am honestly just contemplating trying to find a hookup just to have the experience, but I'm afraid I'll be passed up on even that. I know it's not healthy or safe, I'm just feeling hopeless at this point and want to get it over with. My insecurity about my appearance pretty much rules out dating apps too, since those seem to be primarily based on attractiveness.

Sorry for the lengthiness and being rant-y, I'm just looking for some advice. Thanks :)
Being ugly and shy, do I even stand a chance when it comes to dating?
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