Would you pick a partner who wears glasses as a partner?

Most of the guys who don’t wear glasses in my own country had gfs who wore contact lenses. Very few guys who don’t wear glasses had gfs who wore glasses. It seems that most guys (who don’t wear glasses) in my class in high school are turned off by girls who wear glasses and don’t have a hot body. But when one of them switch to contact lenses and has a hot body they immediately notice her and ask her out. Urgh I don’t like guys like that, guys these days in my country go for girls with hot bodies and don’t wear glasses. I’m not saying all guys... I never seen them with a girlfriend who didn’t have a flat stomach. There are cases where a slim guy had a fat girlfriend. I wouldn’t pick a guy as my boyfriend just because he’s hot and doesn’t wear glasses. I also had a crush on a plain looking guy who wears glasses. I find guys who are studying university more attractive because they’re smart and they don’t mind dating girls who wear glasses and don’t have a very hot body. Quite a lot of guys in my class in college will never date a girl who wears glasses I was naive to assume guys in college will be different from those in high school. But guys from university in my country are not that shallow that’s why I’m attracted to them. If I date a guy who wears contact lens there is a chance he might tell me to stop wearing glasses and switch to contacts. Those girls who wore glasses dating guys who don’t expect them to look a certain are lucky.
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There are also some university guys who are shallow. I realised I forgot to add “certain way” in the second last paragraph lol. Cute/handsome/hot guys are appealing. But looks will fade leaving only the personality, that’s why I don’t expect my future partner to be extremely hot or handsome. I will only date guys who have an average body , not too fat, not necessary need to be good looking. As long as he’s not shallow then I’m fine with it
Would you pick a partner who wears glasses as a partner?
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