Can I be too cynical to date?

Okay, I know this is a doozey... LOL, but here goes:

Okay, the reason my last engagement failed was because my ex fiancee told be that I have become too cynical. It's true... I am so cynical that I question "love" because I sometimes think that there are agendas that are being displayed. Another thing is that I am cynical of females all together pertaining to the concept of devotion to a single person.

Don't get me wrong, I am not a jealous type of guy, just don't trust...

It has to be proven to me that I should trust ANYONE.

my cynical rants about being 1000's of miles away from my ex, and perhaps a few accusations of if she maybe seeing someone else was the reason of our split... It was not like a jealous rant, but more so that I said, "If you are seeing someone, it is better to just say it, because I know you are only human, and not a saint... Besides, we are in 2 different countries..." I was in the military at that time, and the military has made me a mite bit cynical towards LDR's, and other crap... My cynicism increased after being cheated on. Now, if a woman were to hit on me, I would give her a snarky remark about her wanting to be bothered with me because she had an agenda... I went on to ask her what her agenda was... LOL

The best way to describe my level of cynicism is that it is on par with the character John Munch on Law and Order SVU... LOL

I am just asking if it is my cynicism that may be ruining potential dating experiences? If so, is it possible for me to try and not be cynical? How can I avoid being cynical about dating?

I am just asking because a few friends and their wives claimed my cynicism is crippling my chances... ROTFLMAO!
Can I be too cynical to date?
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