Why am I less attractive to guys and they always choose another girls?

Why do not guys ever choose me? This question I think can be actual for a lot of girls, my case is not unique. So, first of all, I take care on my appearance and self-confidence so enough guys are attracted to my look and compliment me daily. I am not over sexual or vulgar, quite natural, healthy, sporty and hygienic. Always with make up, nice clothes, hairstyle, manicure etc. I’m successful in my work as a scientist in one mathematical area and I like art, with the guys I liked we always had great deep conversations about everything, no forbidden topics. I’m listening to them and being polite and feminine. We had a lot of fun, they laugh to my jokes. I spend a lot of time with my big circle of friends. I like organizing adventures, it’s never boring. I never appeared to be desperate, clingy, they all say that I’m very independent. Maybe sometimes i am not very flirty, but it’s because I’m a bit shy (imagine being single for whole life). They start chasing me easily but then before something serious starts happening I discover they already are seeing another girl and I’m not priority. I want to be loved too and I’m willing to improve myself. If there is something important missing in me, please, let me know your guess, I’m here to listen to painful truth. And by the way I had sexual sparks with all of them (however we never had sex, but attraction was strong before things end up). I’ve been living my life for myself and now I am ready for love and everyone seems to be talking to groups of girls simultaneously. And something in them makes them so much more attractive to love than me. Thanks for reading that!
Why am I less attractive to guys and they always choose another girls?
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